MSC Malaysia IPCC 2015

01 TITLE This competition is known as the “MSC Malaysia Intellectual Property Creators Challenge 2015” or the “MSC Malaysia IPCC 2015” (the “Competition”).
02 ORGANIZER The Competition is organised by the Multimedia Development Corporation Sdn. Bhd. (the “Organiser”).
Key objectives of the Competition are as follows:
  • To catalyse and promote the creation of quality content that can be showcased and marketed globally
  • To nurture new talent in content creation by turning ideas into reality
  • To attract content creators to develop greater ideas and stories
There are three (2) categories under the Competition, as follows:
  • Category A: Animation
  • Category B: Casual Game
The Competition duration for the respective categories, are as follows:

Category   Start Date   Deadline
Category A   15 June 2015   11.59pm @ 31st August 2015
Category B   15 June 2015   11.59pm @ 31st August 2015
Participants in the Competition are required to meet the following criteria:

Category A

Category A is only open to companies and not to individuals or teams of individuals.

Category B

Category B is open to companies, enterprises, sole proprietorship and teams of individuals. Each team of individuals for Category B must consist a minimum of Three (3) and a maximum of Six (6) number of individuals who are eligible as defined in Rule 8 below. Each eligible person can only participate in one (1) team. Substitution of team member(s) is prohibited without the express written consent of the Organiser.


Companies / Enterprises / Sole Proprietorships

Where Participants are companies, such companies must be incorporated in Malaysia under the Companies Act 1965 with at least 51% equity owned by Malaysians. Similarly, enterprises or sole proprietorships must be registered under the Registration of Businesses Act 1956 and are owned by Malaysians.

Individuals or Teams of Individuals.

Where Participants are individuals or teams of individuals, such persons must meet the following criteria:

  • Are citizens or permanent residents of Malaysia;
  • At least eighteen (18) years of age;
  • Are not schooling and/or attending any institutions of higher learning, including but not limited to primary and secondary school students, undergraduates and persons pursuing post-graduate studies;
  • Are not employees and/or the immediate family members of the Organiser (and its subsidiaries), sponsors and their group of companies, as well as employees and immediate family members of the mentors and judges.

Past Winners

Winners under any of the categories from the MSC Malaysia Intellectual Property Creators Challenge are not eligible to participate in the Competition.

All entries to the Competition containing the following (“Competition Entry”) must be submitted to Organiser either by the individual Participant or through a representative appointed by the Participant company, enterprise, or the team, online via no later than the respective Deadline. The Competition Entry shall comprise:

  • A duly completed Application Form;
  • A declaration to the Organiser that the Competition Proposal and the works relating thereto (the “Works”):
    • (1) Are original;
    • (2) Have not been published;
    • (3) Have not been submitted to or otherwise produced in connection with other competitions;
    • (4) Have not previously received any funding or grant from other sources;
    • (5) Are not commissioned works and have not otherwise been sold to any developers, publishers or other third parties; and
    • (6) Are not produced in connection with any school or university project / syllabus.
  • A complete Competition Proposal in accordance with the following format:
    • (1) Language: In English, or if not in English then an English translation attachment must be included;
    • (2) Proposal Cover;
    • (3) Table of Contents;
    • (4) Company / Enterprise / Sole Proprietorship/ Personal Profile;
    • (5) Proposal Details:

    Category A Category B
    1. Overview of the Project
    2. Mini Character Bible for the animation series
    • - Synopsis x 13 episodes
    • - Main Character Design/s and
    • - Characters Profiles
    • - Background Designs
    3. Business Model
    4. Production Timeline
    5. Budget
    6. Implementation Team
    1. Overview of the Project / Synopsis
    2. Game Details
    3. Business Model and Target Demographic
    4. Innovation and Unique Selling Point
    5. Production Timeline
    6. Budget
    7. Implementation Team
08 MULTIPLE ENTRIES An individual is only allowed to participate in one (1) team of individuals. A team of individuals or a company / enterprise / sole proprietorship is allowed to submit more than one (1) Competition Entry and category. For the avoidance of doubt, in the event more than one (1) Competition Entry of the Participants was shortlisted by the Organiser, the Participants would be allowed to pitch all its shortlisted Competition Entry at the Pitching stage of the Competition. However, only one (1) of the pitched Competition Entry would be chosen as the winning entry (if applicable).
09 WIDRAWAL No withdrawal from the Competition is allowed after the respective Deadline.
10 NON COMPLIANCE Failure to comply with any of the above submission requirements may result in automatic disqualification. Submitted materials will not be returned and Participants are encouraged to keep a copy of submitted materials for records purposes.
11 ORIGINALITY All Competition Entry and the works relating thereto must be original. Failure to submit an original entry will result in disqualification from the Competition.
12 NO INFRINGEMENT Infringement of any third party rights is strictly prohibited and will result in automatic disqualification of the Participants. In the event of any claims, the Participants must take full responsibility and deal with the said third party claims at their own costs. The Organiser accepts no responsibility or liability in such matter. The Participants shall indemnify the Organiser against any claims or indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages from any party that may arise from the Competition Entry submitted under the Competition.
There are two (2) stages in the judging process, as follows:

Stage (1) – Shortlist:

A panel of judges will review the Competition Entry(ies) and shortlist the following specified number of Competition Entry(ies) to proceed to the next stage of the Competition, known as the “Pitching” stage.…In the event the Organiser required additional information or materials before the Pitching stage, the team must submit such pitching information or materials to the Organiser within two (2) working days from the date of the request.

Category   No. to be shortlisted for Pitching
Category A   Fifteen (15)
Category B   Ten (10)

Stage (2) – Pitching:

Upon notification that the Competition Entry is shortlisted for Pitching, the team is required to submit the presentation / pitching materials to the Organiser at least one (1) week before the Pitching day. All team members are required to attend and pitch their idea on the Project on the Pitching day. During the Pitching day, each team will be required to test the presentation / pitching materials one (1) hour before the presentation starts. Each team will be given ten (10) minutes to pitch its idea(s), main character and concept, business module, schedule and budget, together with the commercialization potential of the Works. Thereafter, each team is allocated another ten (10) minutes for Q&A. Laptop and LCD Projector will be provided during Pitching day.

Judging is at the sole and absolute discretion of the judges and all decisions made are final. Judging will be conducted based on the following criteria:
  • a. Business plan & competitive analysis;
  • b. Development schedule & budget;
  • c. Main Character design and concept (where relevant) and the infusion of the relevant theme in the Works;
  • d. Commercialization potential; and
  • e. Pitching day presentation aids and styles.
Winner(s) under each of the categories of the Competition will, subject to the signing of a Grant Agreement (as defined below), be given a grant to allow the Winner(s) to proceed to develop the Works described in its Competition Entry (“Grant”), which amount are as follows:

Category   No. of winner(s)   Amount of Grant for each winner
Category A   Six (6)   RM60,000
Category B   Ten (10)   RM60,000

The Grant shall be SUBJECT to the following conditions:

  • The Winner(s) signing an agreement with the Organizer to regulate the terms and conditions of the development of the Works and the disbursement of the Conditional Grant (“Grant Agreement”);
  • The Grant will be disbursed to the Winner(s) in accordance to the milestones in the Grant Agreement;
  • The Organiser is entitled to seek full reimbursement of the grant disbursed to the Winner(s) in the event of any breach and/or non-fulfilment of the terms and conditions in the Grant Agreement by the Winner(s).

The Winner(s) in the following categories are required to complete the Works in accordance with the respective project duration as stated below, which will be incorporated in the Grant Agreement:

Category   Project Duration
Category A   Six (6) Months
Category B   Eight (8) Months

Within the said respective Project duration, the Winner(s) under each category are to undergo a compulsory mentorship program with selected mentors, whereby the Winner(s) and mentors will meet up on monthly basis to discuss the progress of their respective Works (“Mentorship Program”). The Organizer reserves the right to amend the schedule of the Mentorship Program with prior notice. After the Mentorship Program, the Winner(s) are required to complete and submit to the Organizer the following:

Category   Submission
Category A   3-minute sizzle animation including full character bible. A copy of filing receipt from MyIPO as proof of filing of trademark in relation to any character in the Project or a copy of the Statutory Declaration protecting the winner's copyright in the Project.
Category B   Commercial ready game. A copy of filing receipt
from MyIPO as proof of filing of trademark in
relation to any character in the Project or a copy of
the Statutory Declaration protecting the Winner(s) '
copyright in the Project.

Hereinafter each submission would be known as “Project”.

Winner(s) are required to submit a progress report of the Works as further stated in the Grant Agreement;

Winners under each category are invited to use the facilities at the MSC Malaysia Animation and Creative Content Centre (subject to availability) for their production and also be part of the MSC Malaysia Content Accelerator Program during the production of the Works; and

Winner(s) under each category are required to participate in programs organized by the organizer such as exhibitions, talks, seminars, conferences etc.

16 OWNERSHIP OF COMPETITION MATERIALS By entering the Competition, the Participants agree to provide the Organizer with the right to use the Works and Project (if applicable) for purpose of showcasing any and all works produced by the Participants under the Competition for promotional purposes. The Participants further agree that the Organiser reserves the right to use the Participants’ name in connection with such promotional showcasing, but shall have no obligation to do so.
17 NO REVISION(S) Upon submission of Competition Entries, no revision will be accepted and the Organizer will not entertain any request for the return of the Competition Entry.
18 EXCLUSIONS OF LIABILITY The Organiser, sponsors and their group of companies and their employees, agents and representatives hereby disclaim any and all liabilities that may arise in connection with the Competition Entry and any materials submitted and/or produced in relation thereto. Further, the Organiser and its employees, agents and representatives shall not be held responsible for any Competition Entry that are lost or damaged in transit. Competition Entry are automatically rejected if incomplete, unreadable, damaged, mutilated, tampered with, falsified, mechanically reproduced, irregular in any way or otherwise not in compliance with the Competition rules and regulations. The Organiser reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify, suspend, or extend the Competition at any time.
19 DISPUTES As a condition of participating in the Competition, the Participants agree that any and all disputes which cannot be resolved between the parties, and causes of action arising out of or connected with the Competition, shall be resolved individually, without resorting to any form of class action, exclusively, before a court located in Malaysia having competent jurisdiction, which court shall apply the laws of Malaysia.
20 RULES AND REGULATIONS By submitting a Competition Entry and therefore participating in the Competition, each Participant agrees to be bound by and abide to these rules and regulations including decisions made by the Organiser, including any amendments, modifications and/or interpretation of these rules and regulations.
21 PERSONAL DATA By participating in the Competition, the Participants represent and warrant to Organizer that the Participants have read and understood the Organizer’s Personal Data Protection Statement which is available at and agreed to the processing of personal data by the Organizer in the manner set out therein.
22 CONFIDENTIALITY No Works will be received or held in confidence and under no circumstances will the Competition proposal submitted by the Participants imposes any confidential obligation on the Organizer.